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[IPk] travels....

Well I'm back from my travels and still suffering from major lack of sleep.
But otherwise fine.
I can't believe how much easier it all was with a pump.
Last time I travelled long-haul (to new Zealand) my control was all
over the place for days.

This time (going to the USA) it was pretty much as good as can be
expected - not perfect of course but very controllable.

I did what Eleanor suggested and reduced all my basals to the lowest
(0.9) while on the flight and for the next few days. Then gradually
over the next few days I went back to the same set of basals as I
normally have. Strangely, the times I expected to go high (ie I was
taking less insulin than I normally would) I actually went low. I
guess my body was just completely confused. The only problem was with the dawn syndrome, which was
very unpredictable. One day my Bg would shoot up at about 10am, the
next day it was 3 mmol/l - I took 3 glucose tabs and half an hour
later it was below 2 and took about 30g carb to stop it dropping
further. However it was also extremely humid in New York city and that
seemed to really increase my insulin needs.
When I got out of the city my insulin needs dropped considerably - it
was still just as hot but not humid. There's something I never knew
affected me, as hot weather normally makes my BG drop, not rise.

Also, does anyone find jetlag makes them feel sick? It always seems to
do that to me, though I've only just made the association.


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