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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V1 #111

> P.S I have someone who is new to a pump and using silhouettes 
> but is allergic to the dressings does anyone else have the same 
> problem and is there a solution to this.

Others can probably tell you more about this, but 2 possible solutions
are either using a barrier solution on the skin before you put the
Silhouette down (e.g. Skin Prep) or putting an additional piece of
(different) tape down first and inserting the Silhouette through that

The Skin Prep solution worked for me when I used the Sofsets and had a
mild reaction to the tape.


P.S. I see you're converting people to the Silhouettes, Donna! it
seems that most people who've tried them find them more comfortable
than Sofsets, especially if
they're on the skinny side (not that I am). But some people are put
off by the look of the needle.

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