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Re: [IPk] Must remember to connect infusion set


This just reinforces the need to regularly check BG levels

Best wishes

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From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
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Date: 13 September 1999 10:49
Subject: [IPk] Must remember to connect infusion set

>Well chaps - I had my first proper pump balls-up last week... first one in
>nearly 2 years.
>I'd left the house mid-morning, with a bg of 4.5, which was great. But
>unknown to me, my infusion set was dangling down the inside of my trouser
>leg. Disconnectable sets are fantastically convenient, but it helps if you
>remember to plug them in after getting dressed...
>But lunchtime, my bg had crept up to 8.9. No major emergency: I took an
>extra 1.5 units correction.
>Then the day got really busy... arrived home about 6pm. Went out to get
>some groceries. Lovely evening. Took a long cycle round the area to take
>the evening air. Then felt tired. Got home - very thirsty. Had a long
>drink. Then sat down. Julia told me I looked awful. I felt it too. Went to
>check infusion set... Shit! There it is disconnected and hanging loose. Bg
>is 19.3. No insulin from 10am till 8pm. To be honest I'm surprised I lasted
>that long.
>Took 10 units of Humalog by injection. (I find injection always works
>fastest). Urine ketones were v. high, and I was feeling sick by this point.
>After half an hour bg had started to fall, but I took some more insulin to
>help it on it's way. Everything finally levelled out - no crashes or
>anything - and it had all stabilised and I felt fine again by midnight.
>It certainly was a sobering experience - realising what a slender thread
>our lives hang by, and how easily you can slip up and not check your bg for
>6 hours on a busy day.
>How could I have avoided this episode? Has anyone else with disconnectable
>sets done this? I'm not perfect. I make small mistakes. One such in 2 years
>is pretty good going I suppose. Or does it not matter? Is it just ok that I
>responded rapidly to the situation once I realised what had happened?
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