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[IPk] Must remember to connect infusion set

Well chaps - I had my first proper pump balls-up last week... first one in
nearly 2 years.

I'd left the house mid-morning, with a bg of 4.5, which was great. But
unknown to me, my infusion set was dangling down the inside of my trouser
leg. Disconnectable sets are fantastically convenient, but it helps if you
remember to plug them in after getting dressed...

But lunchtime, my bg had crept up to 8.9. No major emergency: I took an
extra 1.5 units correction.

Then the day got really busy... arrived home about 6pm. Went out to get
some groceries. Lovely evening. Took a long cycle round the area to take
the evening air. Then felt tired. Got home - very thirsty. Had a long
drink. Then sat down. Julia told me I looked awful. I felt it too. Went to
check infusion set... Shit! There it is disconnected and hanging loose. Bg
is 19.3. No insulin from 10am till 8pm. To be honest I'm surprised I lasted
that long.

Took 10 units of Humalog by injection. (I find injection always works
fastest). Urine ketones were v. high, and I was feeling sick by this point.
After half an hour bg had started to fall, but I took some more insulin to
help it on it's way. Everything finally levelled out - no crashes or
anything - and it had all stabilised and I felt fine again by midnight.

It certainly was a sobering experience - realising what a slender thread
our lives hang by, and how easily you can slip up and not check your bg for
6 hours on a busy day.

How could I have avoided this episode? Has anyone else with disconnectable
sets done this? I'm not perfect. I make small mistakes. One such in 2 years
is pretty good going I suppose. Or does it not matter? Is it just ok that I
responded rapidly to the situation once I realised what had happened?


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