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Re: [IPk] Menstrual BG's

Hi everyone from Washington, D.C.

Before I was on the pump, I found my BS's rising in the last few days before 
i got my period. On the second day of my period, my blood sugar plummeted. It 
seemed that I could not eat enough to keep up with the NPH.

On the pump, because I have found that every month seems a little bit 
different, I have mainly used temporary basals for a few hours at a time.  
Even going up .1 for along time is too much. On the f irst  day of my period, 
after about 4-8hours, my blood  sugars  come down.  My peiod also is not 
regular, so it is hard to predict. I am 47, and probably in perimenopause. .

Phyllis Dobin
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