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Re: [IPk] Menstrual BG's

Peter Jennings wrote:

> Hey Everyone,
>  I have been helping a female pumper get her basals sorted.   She was going
> all over the place, but now seems to have settled.  She voiced some concern
> r/t to controlling her sugars during her period.  She said they go high for
> a week prior.  Does anyone have any advice I can give to her? I am unable to
> rely on my own personal experiences:)
> Thanks,
> Pete

Dear Pete,
I have exactly the same problem and have been experimenting with temporary basal
rate increase. I think 30% seems to work for me and I also seem to need to bolus
more as well. Because the basal rate increase lasts twelve hours it is no
problem to increase or decrese it, just stop and start again. Mind you , that is
on a Disetronic pump, what sort of pump is she on ? Hope the advice helps,

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