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Re: [IPk] sticky stuff

My question a while ago was about Mefix. I have tried it and found it
brilliant. However, I didn't know how to get hold of it. I had some
left over from my physio, who used it to tape my knees up, but I
didn't know how to get hold of any more.

Do you get it through the pharmacist?

> I seemed to have missed out on any conversation about sticky stuff !  Was this
> recent ?  I have had terrible trouble with sticky stuff. I was allergic to the
> Tegaderm.  Transpore left me with red welts and micropore just fell off. I have
> now gone onto Mefix which is lovely !  It covers the whole set and holds it
> firmly. It is very flexible and sticks really really well. It can be difficult to
> get off but it is worth it for the piece of mind it gives me. Try it , you'll
> like it !Moira
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