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Re: [IPk] sticky stuff

Diana Maynard wrote:

> Would that be good for putting over the top of the set too (when the
> normal adhesive gets loose)?
> Sounds like what I'm looking for.
> Noone answered my question about Mefix so I presume nobody knows
> anything about it.
> Di
> >
> > Di,

I seemed to have missed out on any conversation about sticky stuff !  Was this
recent ?  I have had terrible trouble with sticky stuff. I was allergic to the
Tegaderm.  Transpore left me with red welts and micropore just fell off. I have
now gone onto Mefix which is lovely !  It covers the whole set and holds it
firmly. It is very flexible and sticks really really well. It can be difficult to
get off but it is worth it for the piece of mind it gives me. Try it , you'll
like it !Moira

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