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Re: [IPk] Minimed 508 Syringes

Hi Barbara

I haven't used Rapids, but from the pics they look identical to some sets I 
use here, which are Baxter Sub-Q sets. When you talk about them not fitting 
in the pump case (I also had this problem), I am wondering if it is the 
same as mine - ie. the little "wings" where the reservoir connects 
interfere with the pump closing?

If so, I asked some people what to do too, and the best advice i got was to 
snip off the little wings with nail clippers. Works a treat! I hope that is 
what your current dilemma is, cos otherwise I haven't a clue :/

Tori (I realise this is not the original post from you, I seem to have lost it)

At 02:55 AM 1/11/2003, you wrote:

>OK Di
>Fine and thanks.  I do however feel a bit of a traitor after using Minimed
>consumables for 12 months now and always being happy with the Silhouette 
>Danielle started getting miserable every time it was getting close to a set
>change.  I thought, rather than have these sort of problems I would ask other
>people what they use and this Rapid set came up and I ended up receiving some
>  samples of it and couldn't believe how well it suited us. It has made 
> our life
>so much easier and Danielle is very comfortable with them.
>I appreciate Minimed probably might be offended by this and wish that they
>did one similar but it looks like I am going to have to purchase the infusion
>  sets from Diestronic and the other bits from Minimed. (Sorry Minimed if 
> you are
>reading this).
>Bye for now.

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