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[IPk] Quick sets again

I started using quick sets about two weeks ago, and I had my first bent
cannula tonight. When I took out the set, the cannula was bent in a V shape.
I wonder where those 6 units, plus basal rate, all went! I'm quite annoyed
about it because I have moderate ketones from it all. And I'm sitting here
waiting for it all to drop so I can have my tea. I don't like being kept
away from my food!

I'm quite bothered about this tendency for cannulae to bend. I've started
using quicksets because I'm having poor absorption at my Silhouette sites. I
need to be able to use other areas where I can't put a Silhouette needle in.
So far I've had success with Quicksets only in areas very near my Silhouette
sites - which defeats the purpose, I think.

And here's another thing that's bothering me: this is the first time since I
started pumping where I _had_ to inject (my BGs had been high for about 4
hours and I had the ketones). I've had pump problems before - like letting
the reservoir run out, leaving a set in too long, and so forth. And
sometimes I've injected, but I always chose to inject over filling a
reservoir, setting up a new line and infusion set, etc. But this time I
_had_ to inject to ensure the ketones came down. I realise that's only one
'had to' in 3 1/2 years, but it still annoys me.


elizabeth oshea

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