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Re: [IPk] Tegaderm & Opsite?

Hi Denise,

Barbara forgot the main reason they are used by pumpers (she gave the
main reasons why they are used on wounds, burns, etc.).  They provide a
barrier between the glue and antibacterial agents on the set and the
skin: some peole are allergic to these substances, and get an irritated
rash from them.

The sets come with an (optional) dressing which is supposed to do this,
too, but people can be irritated by that, too....

I would file this information under 'stuff that I can forget for now,
but will remember if the sites turn out to be itchy'.

Best wishes,

 In message <email @ redacted>, email @ redacted writes
>Hello Denise
>They are thin sterile dressings that are transparent and allow the skin to 
 > breathe. It keeps the site clean by not allowing any dirt or water to get
>and can also help with preventing infection.  Some people also say that the 
 > mark from the infusion set is not as noticeable. I am going to try to get
>of some to see what I think.
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