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RE: [IPk] Flu Jab

John wrote:

> We touched on eugenics last month didn't we - should people with diabetes
> be allowed, or encouraged, to have children. I'm in favour of kids. Even if
> there was a certainty that my children would get diabetes from me, I'd
> still have them. Human life is too valuable.

 I would still have had children even if I knew they would diabetes. I cant
imagine not having Sasha.

> And did my brain tumour start to grow shortly after I started on Humalog?
> Did Humalog cause my brain tumour? I do not know. But it's a frightening
> thought. Indeed, some other GM insulins were abandonned after they proved
> to be carcinogenic.

Scary thought!!

> John
> PS Just heard on the news... turns out the manager of this Russian coal
> mine, who got trapped underground for 6 days, had diabetes and had gone 6
> days without insulin. If he'd had a pump, he might just have had enough
> insulin to see him through...

Very sad news:-(

mum of Sasha
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