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[IPk] Unplugged

Hello all, A cautionary tale.  I went to yoga class last night and did a
pose called Bow, which involves lying on your front and holding your
ankles, then trying to lift both head and legs while balancing on your
stomach (supposed to make you resemble a bow....).  About two hours later
when I got home and changed I noticed the quick release on my Silhouette
site  was unplugged and there was blood backed up in the cannula.  I
think it must have been the Bow pose that did it - I was feeling a bit
enthusiastic and really trying to push upwards, which must somehow have
stretched my tum and partly dislodged the site, although I didn't feel a
thing ....  The blood sugar only got up to 17 but it would have been nice
to avoid that awful sicky "shortage of insulin" feeling which lasted
until into this morning...  It just goes to show the importance of
Checking Our Sites Regularly, especially when we've been doing odd
things..... Ironically someone once told me that Bow pose is supposed to
be good for diabetes - it is said to stimulate the pancreas! (although
there's probably no point trying to stimulate something that's been
clapped out for years!!). Katharine


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