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RE: [IPk] Flu Jab

>My mother had measles as a young
>> girl, and as a result is almost blind in one eye. Given the choice, would I
>> rather be blind in one eye, or have diabetes? I think I'd rather be blind
>> in one eye.
>Ah! yes, but she may have been extremely lucky "only" to have lost some sight
>in the one eye, she could have lost the sight in both eyes, or could have
>died and
>there would have been no John!

Therein lies the joy and mystery of human life! I am not a perfect human
being. I don't think such a thing exists. I have many other faults beyond
my diabetes. Slight loss of hearing. I get giddy on roundabouts. Weakness
for brain tumours. An extra inch or two of height wouldn't go amiss. But
I'm happy.

We touched on eugenics last month didn't we - should people with diabetes
be allowed, or encouraged, to have children. I'm in favour of kids. Even if
there was a certainty that my children would get diabetes from me, I'd
still have them. Human life is too valuable.

I read somewhere that if you analise a modern dead body, there are
*thousands* of chemicals locked in the body that didn't exist 50 years ago.
We can only speculate about the safety of those chemicals.

And did my brain tumour start to grow shortly after I started on Humalog?
Did Humalog cause my brain tumour? I do not know. But it's a frightening
thought. Indeed, some other GM insulins were abandonned after they proved
to be carcinogenic.


PS Just heard on the news... turns out the manager of this Russian coal
mine, who got trapped underground for 6 days, had diabetes and had gone 6
days without insulin. If he'd had a pump, he might just have had enough
insulin to see him through...

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