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RE: [IPk] Flu Jab

I must be strange ...

I was born in 1964, had rubella in 1965, dxed type 1 in 1969, had mumps in 
1971, chicken pox in 1972 and measles in 1973.

Just lucky I guess!!


At 09:33 AM 29/10/2003, you wrote:
>My mother had measles as a young
> > girl, and as a result is almost blind in one eye. Given the choice, would I
> > rather be blind in one eye, or have diabetes? I think I'd rather be blind
> > in one eye.
>  Also, years ago if you survived diphtheria, measles, mumps, whooping 
> cough and
>all the other childhood
>  illness, then you would have to be one of the stronger children to 
> survive. I
>wonder if our generation
>  will live as long now as some of our grandparents did, now we have had all
>these medical interventions to
>  stop us getting childhood illnesses and building up immunity gradually.

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