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RE: [IPk] Flu Jab

John wrote:

My mother had measles as a young
> girl, and as a result is almost blind in one eye. Given the choice, would I
> rather be blind in one eye, or have diabetes? I think I'd rather be blind
> in one eye.

 Ah! yes, but she may have been extremely lucky "only" to have lost some sight
in the one eye, she could
 have lost the sight in both eyes, or could have died and there would have been
no John!

 However it is a worry about what is causing the big increase in type 1
diabetes, asthma and other such

 Also, years ago if you survived diphtheria, measles, mumps, whooping cough and
all the other childhood
 illness, then you would have to be one of the stronger children to survive. I
wonder if our generation
 will live as long now as some of our grandparents did, now we have had all
these medical interventions to
 stop us getting childhood illnesses and building up immunity gradually. I have
got relatives in their
 90's my mum is 80 years old and still attending college to learn French and
Italian and going off to
 Italy by herself each year. However my brother, sister and myself all have high
blood pressure (I'm not
 overweight) and I have rheumatoid arthritis. My brother has some sort of
condition that effects his spine
 slightly and my sister is waiting for joint replacements for her knees
(Osteoarthritis) and has had to
 leave her job as a midwife. All in all, our mother is in better shape than her

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