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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #536

In a message dated 28/10/2003 21:40:16 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> This is Rachel, wonder if any of you can help.  Most of you have been 
> talking 
> about the quick set (which I use), and I have heard a lot about the 
> silhoutte, who does this type of line, and where can I find out about it. 
> Maybe
> I am
> being backward( will not surprise anyone) but this is all new to me, and I 
> am 
> interested in anything that I have not got.  Many Thanks to all who reply 
> Rach   

Hiya Rachel

Well I have been using the Silhouette on my daughter for nearly 12 months.  
 It is a long needle which is inserted at an angle (45 degrees approximately). A
lot of people prefer this set because it very often produces better 
 absorption rates but I have, as I said before, used it for a while and now my
is getting fed up of the 'set change' nights and wants a smaller needle.  We 
are now trying the 6 mm sets to see how we go.  We are not experiencing any 
absorption problems because she is slim but I understand that if the person is 
not so slim, the longer needles are better.  The 6 mm ones go in at 90 degrees 
and so do the 9 mm ones.  The 9 mm ones are better for people who are not so 
skinny aparently, but everyone is different.

I personally did not like inserting the Silhouette into my daughter and had 
to sort of find the right time to do it and the right frame of mind because I 
didn't like it (a lot of people do, but this is just my opinion) but I have 
 been using different sets over the last few days and it is not a problem for me
 or my daughter. They are primed, inserted and the job is done quicker than any
other we have used so far.

Mum to Danielle aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002, just trying new sets
D myself for 30 yrs, on Lantus
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