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[IPk] Rapid Infusion Sets

Hello everyone

Well since Danielle started using the pump (Nov 2002) I have always been 
 squeamish about inserting the sets and loved it when my husband said "I'll do
if you like", so just lately we have tried the Rapids from Disetronic and all 
my squeamishness has gone out of the window.  I know they might not suit 
 everyone but my daughter aged 9 is slim and the 6 mm needle is nice and sharp
 very slender and she prefers it to anything else we have tried so far. We have
tried the Silhouettes (actually used them from Nov 2002 to last week), we have 
tried the Quick Sets and they worked ok apart from being hard to insert 
 manually because the cannula is outside the needle and piercing of the skin is
 bit more difficult, but once inserted, yes they were fine. If they did it like
Disetronic, and the needle was finer, it would be acceptable for us.

I knew we had to do a set change tonight and normally I am anxious about it 
but I knew I was going to be using the Rapid again and it didn't bother me as 
much.  I disconnected from the site, primed it with Novorapid and had the new 
set in place in seconds with the old set coming out and leaving hardly any 
 mark. Usually I am worried about the mark it leaves and I am scared of
at the site afterwards, but I was not worried at all tonight.

By the way, I don't work for Disetronic, but I am extremely pleased with 
their Rapids.  

Mum to Danielle aged 9 (trying different sets at the moment)
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