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Re: [IPk] Flu Jab

>When I was diagnosed in Virginia in March of 1993, I left the hospital with
>the knowledge that getting flu might mean dehydration, which would mean
>hospitalisation in order to keep bgs under control. As I was on 'don't
>adjust this yourself' isophane + 'here's a sliding scale' Regular, that
>advice made sense. It was easier to get a flu jab every year than to face
>the possibility of going to hospital, and not getting flu twice per year (as
>I did pre-diagnosis) made winters far more pleasant! Though I could probably
>weather the glycemic challenges of flu with my pump, I'd prefer not to feel
>so ill. So I am getting my jab on Tuesday morning (9 hours from now).

I last had a "flu jab" in 1990 in Manchester. I was 24. I had worked for a
couple of years since university, and was going back to college to study
singing. It was well-known that all "good diabetics" had flu jabs. Well, I
ended up having some sort of mild flu for the entire winter - November
through to March. I was not a happy chap. Manchester is reputed to be one
of the most challenging disease environments, with a collossal number of
students from all over the world, with damp weather and poor housing stock.
(I heard that the damp weather is ironically why Manchester is there - 200
years ago it stopped the cotton fibres from splitting!)

It is now speculated that the massive increase in Type 1 diabetes over the
last 50 years may be caused in part by the reduction in good old-fashioned
childhood diseases. The immune system is designed to tackle these
challenges, and stripped of illnesses, it turns in on itself causing
auto-immune diseases like Type 1 diabetes. My mother had measels as a young
girl, and as a result is almost blind in one eye. Given the choice, would I
rather be blind in one eye, or have diabetes? I think I'd rather be blind
in one eye.

Anyhow, since then I've never had a flu jab. And for 3 years after I
started on the pump I enjoyed unusually good health in the winters. Then I
got married, we had kids,and I am now regularly going down with the next
generation of illnesses that Christopher brings back from kindergartern.


PS I remember once in the early 1980s, when I was at school, the entire
school was done with the flu jab. 2 days later nearly everyone went down
with flu. It was speculated that the dose we'd all been given was wrong. No
statement was ever made...

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