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Re: [IPk] Hypos at Night

> From about the age of 13 or 14  I started waking for hypos, and now my
>body refuses to let me either a) continue sleeping or b) go to sleep if I
>am low. If for some reason i can't get to sleep in 20mins (I usually drop
>like a stone), I automatically check BG, and I'm usually a bit on the low

I *always* check my BG before going to sleep. It's in the insulin pump rule
book. Unless I'm very tired. When I don't. And I often am tired when I go
to bed. Funny that isn't it? But if my BG is at all low, my body won't let
me go to sleep, and I'll just lie there. After 20 minutes of boredom I'll
check my BG and troop off for something to eat.

Unless I've been drinking alcohol, when I'll go straight to sleep. And I'm
told the liver can't produce glucose while filtering alcohol out of the
blood. So a hypo while drunk can be a pretty bad one.

If my 8 month old son is crying, and I can't work out why, I check my BG.
And often as not, I'm low. Funny that. Do babies have some inert instinct?
Sometimes he'll spot my hypo when he's in a different room. I know some
people have dogs that will detect hypos for them, and start yapping.


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