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[IPk] Can't lower bgs - chest infection/steroids again.

Hi folks, 
My usual chest infection/asthma flare-up has reoccurred and since last
Friday I've been taking oral steroids 40mg for 5 days and antibiotics
250mg x 4.
I've increased basal rates by over 1 unit per hour, and even today
resorted to taking injections of Novorapid.  12 units has brought bgs
down less than 2 mmol/l.  Struggling to get below 14.8 mmol/l.
Obviously I've felt better, and my leaking right eye is weeping well in
empathetic reaction!
Eating low carb - very low carb, drinking like a fish and naturally
eyesight is very blurred.
I switched sites this morning and since bgs were even worse after that,
despite everything checking out okay, I've added a second cannula set
which I'm currently using.
I'm heading for the GP tomorrow morning for an emergency consultation
but wondered if there were any suggestions out there I could try this
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