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Re: [IPk] Re: flu jab

I had my flu jab last week and had no ill effects apart from a sore arm for
a few days.  The nurse did tell me that if my resistance was low then I
would probably suffer mild flu-like symptoms, so as I didn't then I take it
I must have been feeling ok.


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> I had a flu jab Thursday before last, also for 3rd year running. Also
> the first time that I had any significant reaction. 12 hours after the
> jab I felt that I was running a fever, shivery during the night, really
> unwell with high bg's for 24 hours, then another several days of
> feeling rather achey in a flu-like way, and weak and very tired, and
> quite exceptionally bad-tempered - or so my husband said, and in my
> less irrational moments I had to agree. The tiredness and bad-temper
> only wore off after about a week.
> I am not sure if they use the same vaccine here as in England, but
> anyway this was a pretty nasty experience for me. Hope it doesn't last
> as long in your case.
> Nanette
> >My husband, me and my daughter have all had our flu jabs tonight.
> This
> is
> >the 3rd year running for all of us and I have not had any problems in
> the past
> >but this year, my daughter has complained of feeling really tired and
> gone to
> >bed earlier than normal.  Not only that, she has been a lot more moody
> than
> > normal and I have had to have a heated discussion with her, with her
> telling me
> >that she doesn't really care (that is not like her at all).
> >Now, my husband says his arm is quite sore but not too bad but my arm
> is very
> >painful.  When I move my arm more than a few inches in any direction,
> I
> can
> >feel the pain as far up as my shoulder.
> >Has anyone else experienced it like this, this time around?  Is it
> because it
> >is predicted to be a stronger strain of the flu virus or something?
> >
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