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Re: [IPk] Flu Jab

In a message dated 27/10/2003 23:56:10 GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Are you thinking of SARS perhaps? (There isn't a vaccination against it 
> yet, unfortunately).

Hiya Tori

You made me laugh, ha ha.  Yes SARS is what sprung to mind when someone said 
it was an offshoot of it.  I suppose that might be just a rumour though.

You mentioned that you haven't had flu before in your life and I must admit I 
haven't had it for about 10 years but I can remember the pain in my eyes when 
I moved them and the shivering and I am so glad I can go for the injection.  
I have tried to explain how bad the flu virus is to my little girl who is 
 petrified of needles and can't understand why she has to go through it every
but she will probably never experience flu and never appreciate the necessity 
of the injection.

Bye for now.  I will look at the site you have suggested.

Mum to Danielle aged 9, dx Aug 2001
D myself for 30 years (only had flu jab for last 3)
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