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Re: [IPk] Flu Jab

Hi Barbara

Are you thinking of SARS perhaps? (There isn't a vaccination against it 
yet, unfortunately).

I had my fluvax in April as WHO had warned we Aussies of a huge number of 
rather lethal flus on our way. It's the eighth year I've been having fluvax 
(the brand name out here), and I didn't have any reaction at all. But I 
know that the pharma companies are constantly beefing the vaccination up on 
both sides of the world, so we get covered for what you had around 3-6mths 
earlier, and you then get covered for what we had 3-6mths earlier etc.

I've never had flu in my life (even prior to having vaccinations) and I 
found the first 3 or 4 years I got flu-like reactions for up to a week 
(which progressively declined year after year) after the vaccination.

Incidentally, I found an interesting article by the CSIRO (Commonwealth 
Science and Industry Research Organisation - basically our Govt-run science 
buffs) talking about a potential long term vaccination for any and all 
flus, which looks rather promising. The site is at 
http://www.csiro.au/promos/ozadvances/Series6FluCure.html for anyone 


At 09:15 AM 28/10/2003, you wrote:

>Thanks Sarah
>Yes I have been told that it is a bad one this year.  Rumours only, but
>someone said it was an offshoot of the Japanese one where everyone was 
>  masks and popping their clogs like nobody's business but not heard much 
> about
>one lately.

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