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RE: [IPk] Flu Jab

I always find that I have a very sore arm afterwards and frequently (though
not this year) have a flu-ey sort of a cold. I just live with it though as
it's much better than getting flu! I don't know about any predictions for
strength of this year's strains, but I was reliably informed today that
there have now been 15 cases this season in Cambridge. Hope you arm soon
recovers and that Danielle feels better soon.
DM 7y, 508 10months, 7 flu jabs (I think)...

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Hello everyone

My husband, me and my daughter have all had our flu jabs tonight.  This is
the 3rd year running for all of us and I have not had any problems in the
but this year, my daughter has complained of feeling really tired and gone
bed earlier than normal.  Not only that, she has been a lot more moody than
 normal and I have had to have a heated discussion with her, with her
telling me
that she doesn't really care (that is not like her at all).

Now, my husband says his arm is quite sore but not too bad but my arm is
painful.  When I move my arm more than a few inches in any direction, I can
feel the pain as far up as my shoulder.

Has anyone else experienced it like this, this time around?  Is it because
is predicted to be a stronger strain of the flu virus or something?

Mum to Danielle aged 9, diagnosed Aug 2001
Diabetic myself for 30 years, on Lantus
Husband with no spleen (hence the need for the flu jab)
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