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RE: [IPk] Hypos

FWIW, I have fairly regular 'little' hypos, anywhere between 2.8 and 4.0. I
did on injections as well.

I actually got my pump in part to help me deal with hypos. Before the pump,
my ablity to recognise low BG at a 'safe' level (say, 3.5) was diminishing.
Before i went on the pump, I had seven hypos per month that I didn't
recognise until 2.8 or below. Not all of these were exercise related. Now,
if I have a hypo at that level, it's either exercise related, I'm asleep, or
I'm in that 'must finish what I'm doing' phase. If it's the third, I likely
know I'm hypo but don't test or treat until I finish what I'm doing. Stupid.
And I'm aware of it, and I'm getting better about treating even if I don't
stop to test.

I have never needed assistance with a hypo ( although occasionally I've
taken it when it's been offered, because who doesn't like to be handed
things?) either on injections or pump. But, I'm also at this only 5 years -
Dxed age 27.

Overall, my hypo awareness is much better on the pump. (In fact,
hypoglycaemia unawareness is one of the indications for prescribing a pump.)
Why do I regularly fall below 4 despite a pump? That's a life management
issue! Right now, I'm working 11 hour days five days a week, and I also work
the other two days a week. Although on Sundays I often flake out and spend a
lot of time saying 'why can't I settle to work' rather than actually
working! Really tight BG control has been low on my list for about 9 months
now, because I simply don't have the time. I'm looking forward to the time
when I _do_ have time. I hope to get there around next summer, if not
before.  One thing I'm certain about: I couldn't live life the way I'm
currently living it unless I had a pump.

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