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Re: [IPk] Hypos at Night

i have had around 8 seizures during my 22 years of having diabetes 5 of
these as a child and 3 as an adult, one of the adult ones was as a teen
after i had been out drinking heavily at about the age of 17.
a seizure usually accurs in me when my bg drops below 1 i think, the last
one i had after my 2nd son was born i woke feeling very hypo and knew i
wouldnt make it to the kitchen my vision kept going black, i managed to test
my bg and it came up saying LO which occurs on the machine i had at the time
if the bg falls below 1,
my 2nd and 3rd baby sons went hypo after they were born and my 3rd sons bg
reading was 0.5 but he didnt have a seizure, he was cold and quivery and it
was me who knew he was hypo not the midwives who should have known!!
i know that babies have a lower bg than children and adults and its normal
for them, so maybe young children have a different threashhold for seizures.
      love gailxxxxxxx -------Original Message-------

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Date: 25 October 2003 17:03:56
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Subject: Re: [IPk] Hypos at Night

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I'm sure that the threshold does vary. I was told by a consultant once that
each of us would eventually fit if we were sufficiently
hypoglycaemic: ( this was someone with an interest in epilepsy not diabetes)
suppose some might convulse at 3.5 ( esp young
children) whereas some might not until 0.6

Jackie: I wonder what level Sascha nocturnal seizure occur. Is it that they
happen when she's not that low. It might be that her
threshold" improves" as she gets older ie she doesn't fit until a lower
so she has a chance to wake up sweating and feeling
dreadful before this happens?
Seizure threshold is lower in children which is why febrile fits ( fits due
increased temperature) are quite common whereas most
of these children do not suffer from fits as they get older and are either
no, or only v. slight increased risk of epilepsy in
> I've never had a seizure. I've been lucid (self-treating) at 1.2. I've
> had two hypos where I've needed someone else to find food for me, where
> I guess I've been lower.
> I guess that the threshold where a seizure takes place could differ
> between individuals.
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