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Re: [IPk] Quickset infusion sets bending

I gave up with using quicksets because of this problem.  Manual
insertion was very difficult: if I simply pushed down on the thing, it
just dented into my skin!  If I wiggled a little as it went in, they
went in - the needles are just not sharp enough/too thick for me.  The
whangers didn't work at all. 

I went back to softsets, which go in nicely with the inserter.

Best wishes,

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In message <email @ redacted>, email @ redacted writes
>In a message dated 24/10/2003 20:55:55 GMT Daylight Time, 
>email @ redacted writes:
>> My son, Alastair (14) has been using a Minimed Paradigm pump for 3 months. 
>> We
>> occasionally have problems with the Quickset infusion sets (6mm)which seem 
>> to
>> bend when inserted causing his BG to go high very quickly. This happened 
>> very
>> recently and when we removed the bad set it was almost bent at right angles!
>> What causes this and is there any way of avoiding it happening?
>We use the Quick Sets for our daughter but we insert them slowly and manually 
>and have had no problems.
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Pat Reynolds
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