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[IPk] Opinions/Experience with Infusion Sets

Hello everyone

I have the Minimed 508 for my daughter aged 9 who is very slim.  Since Nov 
2002 she has used the Silhouettes and had no problems but recently she has 
 started to hate the size of the needle. We decided to try some different ones
have recently experimented with the Quick Sets with the 6 mm needle but when 
we take them out after 3 days, her skin looks awful.  It takes a few hours and 
then it goes back to normal and there is not as much of a scar as with the 
 silhouettes. The scarring with the silhouettes have been a big concern for us.
The Quick Sets are harder to disconnect and reconnect than the Silhouettes so 
we thought we would try something else until we found what we were most 
happiest with.  

Well I have just done an infusion set change and used the Rapid from 
 Disetronic which is a needle that stays in the skin (6 mm) but I find the tape
is not
adhering to the skin as well as the other sets we have tried.  The needle went 
in very easy because it is extremely fine but I felt unsure if the needle had 
actually gone in because you push the needle and it disappears into the skin 
as it is trying to pierce it and then the sticky patch sticks to the skin.  
Does anyone know what I mean when I say that I am not sure if the needle has 
 gone all the way in? The Medtronic Minimed Quick Set gives me the same problem.
I never know if the cannula has gone in or not because the patch sticks to 
the skin and you can't see it.

So, does anyone have the same experiences as me with infusion sets and could 
anybody give me any advice based on which sets they use?  I would like to find 
one that suits and stick with it.

Mum to Danielle, pumping since Nov 2002
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