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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #534

Night hypos,  I would like to reassure you all that I never and have never 
 awoken when I have a hypo at night. When I was a child and until I left home,
dad who sleep soundly had a sixth sense and would always awaken when I had a 
hypo. Since leaving home I am never aware and sleep into my hypo, with both my 
children and cat often coming in my room, which doesn't help my husband who's 
trying to bring me round. However when I went on Lantus, these stopped and I 
touch wood haven't had a hypo at night since being on the pump. So their you 
go I reckon I am just a heavy sleeper and thats all I can put it down to, my 
doctors never believed my parents nor my husband !!!
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