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Re: [IPk] Hypos at Night

hi jackie i was diagnosed at the age of six and dont remember having many
night time lows, probably because i was only on one injection a day to begin
with but 2 after the age of 8, so im not sure if i went hypo at night
without knowing certainly not badly , i only remember about 4 times during
my childhood actually getting so low that i fitted etc in the night.
as a teenager and still now i always seem to wake when my blood sugar level
gets down to about 2.4, so i have time to have some lucazade, the only time
i lost all warning symtoms was after the births of my 3 sons, and after one
severe hypo early morning when alone after i had collapsed and fitted i did
wake up, i am very relieved to say that my body worked for me!
 i think maybe if your daughter has very tight control she may not get good
warning symtoms at night so is not woken, as i never managed to have that
tight control, especially as a rebeleas teenager!!
         love gail.xx
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Subject: [IPk] Hypos at Night

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Can any of you, who have had diabetes since they were a child, tell me
you had, less, or no hypo
awareness as a child but now wake if you are low?

Sasha has never woken when she is low, we only know because she has a
or because we now have to
test every night. In the past I have sometimes found her sound asleep and no
signs of anything being
wrong with levels of 2.4. rarely hot or sweaty.

I was just hoping that when she is older she will wake if low, otherwise I
have to go to Uni with

Mum of Sasha aged 9 dx 1999, twin sister Rebecca, both coeliac 2001
Mum also to Danni and Nicola, wife to Terry
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