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RE: [IPk] Hypos at Night

Hi Jackie

 As a child, I used to drop into screaming abdab hypos at night, arms flailing,
biting tongue (to add blood into the scene) etc etc, and the next day I would be
off school with a raging headache and vomiting bile.

 As a teenager, things were less violent, but I still had hypos which went
undetected until I woke up with a headache.

 In my early twenties I left home. Sometimes I would wake up sweaty, and be able
to take some glucose. Sometimes my student nurse colleagues in the next room (or
even the room underneath mine) would come and knock on my door because I was
making funny noises (how embarrasing - and on one occasion, shortly after I
became a Christian, I told them it was alright, I am a Christian now, so Jesus
will look after me. I'm sure this did nothing to reassure them I was OK!). Once
I came to on the floor with a nasty carpet burn on my ankle.

 Even when I lived in a studio flat with no neighbours close enough to hear me,
I still made it through to the next morning. I'm sure the liver response is
enough to carry me through if necessary.

 In the last few years before pumping, I have even had convulsions, being awake
and somewhat aware of it happening, and finally grabbed a carton of ribena from
my bedside table when the spasms stop.

I survived!  Hope this helps to reassure you.  

Best wishes

IDDM dxd aged 2.

From:  Jackie Jacombs [SMTP:email @ redacted]

 Can any of you, who have had diabetes since they were a child, tell me whether
you had, less, or no hypo
awareness as a child but now wake if you are low?

 Sasha has never woken when she is low, we only know because she has a seizure
or because we now have to
 test every night. In the past I have sometimes found her sound asleep and no
signs of anything being
wrong with levels of 2.4. rarely hot or sweaty.

  I was just hoping that when she is older she will wake if low, otherwise I
have to go to Uni with
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