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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #533

Ah, yes the blue box!!  Urine testing, blue book, hiding in the loo at
boarding school so the matron didn't see me filling in 3 months of
'blue'tests to take to show my consultant who was always lovely and praising
me as an independent young 13 year old!!

Carmel, sorry to hear you have had some bad hypos recently.  Your
description of how you could clearly solve all the worlds problems made me
smile.  I know exactly what you mean and it is so frustrating when
everything doesn't seem quite so simple afterwards.  The draining of glucose
from the brain certainly produces a huge variety of symptoms as above or
sometimes the opposite when everything seems immensely complicated and
visually everything is either bright and muddled or dark and horrible!!  I
find  1 -3 glucose tablets the best thing to get me going again.

Hypo awareness - I think mine is better since being on the pump although the
only time I had real problems was during pregnancy when I would fit at night
and get odd twitches and jerks at lunch time - what memories!!  I do have
symtoms in the 3's and higher if it is dropping rapidly.  I have to be
careful after exercise as I can feel fine or a tiny bit tiredish and am
often surprised to find it reading low 2's.

Fiona Type 1 DM 36years, paradigm pump 3 months and loving it!
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