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Re: [IPk] Re: Hypos

 Frequent even mild hypos can impair awareness. It sounds like you re having
these anyway. good control usually means slightly more
 mild hypos , however on the pump the insulin is absorbed gradually so hypos
should be less problematic than on long acting insulin
 injections. The pump is actually recommended as a treatment option in people
who experience difficulties with severe hypos ( needing
 help from others). Certainpeople on this list would be able to discuss this
 It seems that he worse hypos on a pump come from bolusing: either mis
estimation of carbs or agressively trying to lower high BGs.
See Carmel's post:
It would be interesting to undertake a survey to see if this is the case

ght so hard to get on the
> NHS may actually prove to be a disguise in a blessing (as opposed to the more
> normal blessing in disguise).
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