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Re: [IPk] Re: Hypos

Hi Steve
I am really sorry I hope I did not frighten you.I still have not lost my 
hypo awareness and can usually feel one coming on around 3.5 mmols. The hypo 
I related was VERY unusual for me. When on MDI I took insulatard and 
actrapid. I used really high doses to correct highs with little effect -I 
have developed some insulin resistance over the years and very rarely had a 
hypo. Since using the pump I require far less insulin and having a chronic 
infection has obviously made my control unpredictable, but it is difficult 
to break habits of a lifetime and maybe I was overdosing on insulin a bit to 
try and maintain a "normal" level. I don't know but when on the pump you 
just have one insulin which is why Humalog for most is so good, others fair 
better with Novorapid . I love the pump because when I am high I can bring 
my BG down so quickly by increasing ny basal  and givimg a bolus either by 
pump or syringe.I still have swinging bg's but the pump is the best tyool 
ever to try and even them out my Hba1c is 8.2, once it was 7.2 since 
pumping. Pre-pump, never below 9.
re Ultra Smart Meter:- I am not a fanatic but like Gadgets, My Old profile 
meter let you record premeal averages. over 250 results, I am lazy I never 
write anything down and the additional features and graphics  looked very 
impressive  when downloaded!
Despite all the horrible things that have happened in the last year, I know 
I am very lucky I have made a full recovery from my stroke and it has made 
us take stock .
Carmel diagnosed a 3- 45 yrs ago brought up boiling syringes urine etc, 
still waiting for the cure I was promised.
Thanks Pat I wish I could remember what I was going to instruct Mr Blair and 
Bush. on solving their problems, but it is true there comes a time when you 
should stop and not delay things
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>Subject: [IPk] Re: Hypos
>Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 02:22:29 +0100
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>Hello all
>I'm not quoting because I'm not responding directly to any particular 
>However, still pre-pump, I have to say that I still have very good hypo
>awareness, and in fact, if my BGs fall below 3.9 I know about it.
>That said,. even tho' I'm waiting for my call back to the hospital for my 
>pump, what I've read on this thread has me a little worried. Can I expect 
>lose my hypo awareness?
>The responses that have hit on rebounding from hypo to hyper I can identify
>with, since ATM this happens to me regularly, but I can't help but worry 
>despite very poor control, the pump that I have fought so hard to get on 
>NHS may actually prove to be a disguise in a blessing (as opposed to the 
>normal blessing in disguise).
>I hope someone can re-assure me that I'm going down the right road :o/
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