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Re: [IPk] Hypos at Night

Hi Jackie
Personally I never woke up hypo in the night as a child (I was dxed at the age 
of 8) but I can't say whether that was because I had no hypo awareness, or 
just had no nighttime hypos. Since I was on only one injection a day till I 
was 18 (which I took in the morning), it was probably the latter.
I do now have quite good hypo awareness - I think I always wake up, though 
often not till I am quite low.
When she gets a bit older, if nighttime hypo unawareness is a problem then she 
could always set her own alarm and do her own test!

On Friday 24 Oct 2003 1:05 pm, you wrote:
>  Can any of you, who have had diabetes since they were a child, tell me
> whether you had, less, or no hypo
> awareness as a child but now wake if you are low?
>  Sasha has never woken when she is low, we only know because she has a
> seizure or because we now have to
>  test every night. In the past I have sometimes found her sound asleep and
> no signs of anything being
> wrong with levels of 2.4. rarely hot or sweaty.
>  I was just hoping that when she is older she will wake if low, otherwise I
> will have to go to Uni with
> her!!!
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