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Re: [IPk] Re: Hypos

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know my experience.  All my diabetic life I have had
good hypo awareness, when on MDI, apart from a couple of times many many
years ago.

Pre-pump I used to get about 3 hypo's a day at various different times but I
was also extremely high as well.  I have recently put hypo awareness down to
the fact that when your bg's are constantly high (like mine was, apart from
the low of course, in other words no in-between) you are more aware of your
hypos because the bg drops at quite a fast rate.

I have been on a pump now for nearly 3 months and have only had 3 or so
low's where I have needed to boost CHO.  I do still get some awareness but
it tends to be that the bg is lower than it used to be.  For example, on MDI
I would feel a hypo coming on when my bg read about 4, as I was used to bg's
running at 15+.  Now I am pumping and running my bg's at 6-9 I don't tend to
get my warnings until I get down to about 2-3.

I consider myself lucky in that I have always had my own personal warnings
that I know what to look for and I also thank goodness that I have always
been woken up at night with them.  If I have ever gone to bed with a low bg
my body will not let me fall asleep and I have woken many a time (when on
MDI) at 2am with one.  I hope this never wains as I would hate the thought
of not knowing.  Maybe when you get on the pump you will still get your hypo
warnings but if you don't then you will just have to keep testing.

Please remember though that in the initial stages of pumping you may get
some hypo's or highs especially when you are trying to work out your
particular basal patterns.  Hope this is of help.

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> Hello all
> I'm not quoting because I'm not responding directly to any particular
> However, still pre-pump, I have to say that I still have very good hypo
> awareness, and in fact, if my BGs fall below 3.9 I know about it.
> That said,. even tho' I'm waiting for my call back to the hospital for my
> pump, what I've read on this thread has me a little worried. Can I expect
> lose my hypo awareness?
> The responses that have hit on rebounding from hypo to hyper I can
> with, since ATM this happens to me regularly, but I can't help but worry
> despite very poor control, the pump that I have fought so hard to get on
> NHS may actually prove to be a disguise in a blessing (as opposed to the
> normal blessing in disguise).
> I hope someone can re-assure me that I'm going down the right road :o/
> Regards
> Steve
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