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RE: [IPk] Talking of meters

>I can't believe how well organised you were - a whole hour before - mine was
>about 10 minutes before - locked in the bathroom with a selection of pens!
>(and I thought I was uniquely clever in that approach!)

Apparently their are statistical tests that can be applied to spot "made
up" figures. Accountants can use it to spot artificially filled in sales
order books when auditiing company accounts...

They did some resarch up in Aberdeen (down in Aberdeen if you're in
Inverness, I guess) a few years back. They have a system there where all
prescriptions eventually come back to one central office. They analysed
these to see how much insulin people were actually getting on prescription,
compared with what they were telling their doctors, and - surprise surprise
- found that teenagers in general took far less insulin than they told
their doctors they were taking. Cutting down your insulin is an excellent
form of weight control. Comps come later.

>But I did have a
>slight excuse which probably explains the lack of use of the test - I had a
>low urine threshold (I guess I probably still do) which meant that with a
>Blood Glucose of 8mmol I scored 2% on the Urine Test (Orange) - so I got fed
>up with failing! Apparently every ones threshold is different and varies!

Even worse if your threshold is too high, and you show years of negative
results, followed by major complications. There we are :-/

Yes, Rhoda, I know HbA1c doesn't give a true full history of blood glucose
levels. I don't honestly know what the solution is. Doctors do like figures
that they themselves can measure. It gets round the problem of how we love
to lie to please them. Which is why I mentioned discussing hypos as well -
provided we know we're having hypos. Often the nighttime hypos are the
hidden silent variety that result in a very high morning BG. A friend of
mine on our US sister group was excluded from the DCCT trials when tests
showed that his HbA1c did not correctly relate to his recent blood glucose
levels. Something to do with the haemoglobin having too short a life span.
Didn't affect his health directly, but meant he had to be excluded.

>As for the blue box - well things had modernised by the time I was diagnosed
>in the early 80's - a black box, with room for two cartridges and a plastic
>blue cylinder holding the Glass Syringe+ the largest needle imaginable in
>industrial meths but then it was also the advent of 'human' insulin and I
>remember the hospital pharmacy often dispensing the pork form or Actrapid
>and Monotard accidentally - I thought I was privileged to have 'human'

I moved on to this exciting new 'human' insulin as soon as possible too. It
was 10 years before I discovered this might be responsible for my hypos
getting much much worse. I went back to pork insulin at my insistance, and
things got better. The issue is still fiercely debated. Some claim that
pork insulin still contains traces of glucagon from the production process,
and this helps the body cope with hypos.


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