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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #532

Hello it's Rachel back,  I can get very mouthy and have actually hurt Francis 
my husband (yes I am a wife beater!!) and thrown him across the wall. He 
normally waits until I am gone then attempts to bring me back, we do have some 
 funny situations though. Was really low and he was trying to get me to have
lucozade and because I was weighing all my food in order to go on the pump I 
weighed the lucozade pressed the button to go back to zero and told him it was 
no good as their was no carbohydrate. Apparently I weighed empty boxes the 
lot, he gave me a glucagon injection whilst I was happily weighing anything I 
could get my hands on.  By the way I told the dustbin cleaning men they were 
 biscuit men and was going to eat them !!! Still makes me laugh, Don't every get
embarrassed about violence, swearing doing stupid things, find a positive out 
of a negative, and have a good laugh. PS the bin men don't come anywhere near 
me now !! wonder why
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