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[IPk] Re: Hypos

Hello all

I'm not quoting because I'm not responding directly to any particular comment.
However, still pre-pump, I have to say that I still have very good hypo
awareness, and in fact, if my BGs fall below 3.9 I know about it.

That said,. even tho' I'm waiting for my call back to the hospital for my first
pump, what I've read on this thread has me a little worried. Can I expect to
lose my hypo awareness?

The responses that have hit on rebounding from hypo to hyper I can identify
with, since ATM this happens to me regularly, but I can't help but worry that,
despite very poor control, the pump that I have fought so hard to get on the
NHS may actually prove to be a disguise in a blessing (as opposed to the more
normal blessing in disguise).

I hope someone can re-assure me that I'm going down the right road :o/


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