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[IPk] Hypos

How enlightening it was to read John's analysis of hypos. Recently I 
experienced a severe hypo requiring paramedic assisstance (my husband cannot 
bring himself to administer Glucagon). This was my second since being on the 
pump. The first was my own fault due to over correction of a high. Since mid 
September I have been on 5 different antibiotics to treat cellulitis in my 
leg. As a result I have had really bizarre blood sugars and have therefore 
been overcorrecting highs in order to try to normalise my blood sugar to 
help fight infection.This coupled with having just got a new meter that 
today I found could have been under-reading my results culminated in a 
devastating hypo. Before I went unconscious i drank a glass of pure fruit 
juice  and whilst searching through the cupboard for Lucozade, I remember 
arguing with myself about eating a bar of chocolate (i ate 2) and the guilt 
of eating them (dieting) I also ate a few chocolate biscuits and put the 
kettle on all the time arguing with myself about how much weight I would put 
on. I remember seeing the kitchen through a curtain of bright lights. The 
news was on and I was going to solve all the world problems and I can 
remember planning it in my head but don't remember a word of it!! That is 
all I remember apart from waking up and seeing a paramedics bag on the 
kitchen floor!
My analysis of this is that had there been someone there I would have had a 
great argument but as I was alone I had to put the world to right instead!
It was lucky my husband decided to call home, as I don't know if I would 
have woken up. When I first got the pump I remember being told to take only 
15gms of High GI food to correct a low such as the orange juice. There is no 
way that amount of cho had any effect. I don't know how low it went but my 
husband said it was 2.7 when checked and he had found the Lucozade and 
started giving me some
before I was given glucagon.
I managed to see the DM team today after phoning up to ask for advice and am 
now on 2 further lots of antibiotics and the nurse  gave me 2 more One Touch 
Ultra meters! If anyone attends Barts ask the nurses for a meter. They have 
a cupbiard full!
Best Wishes carmel
who after 45 yrs type 1 is still perplexed- it is so easy to lose one's 

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