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RE: [IPk] Talking of meters

I have to thank who ever wrote:

>I remember "filling in" urine glucose record sheets for the last 6 months
> when I was a kid, an hour before a trip to the clinic. I even used a
> selection of different pencils and pens to lend it authenticity :-) I'm
> sure no one else here ever did anything so dishonest...

After a really bad diabetes morning (DNS off sick - after a week of planning
what I was going to say to her to move onto the next step towards a pump and
to round the morning off my GP manage to get my repeat prescription wrong -
missing off the one item that was critical!) this really made me laugh!

I can't believe how well organised you were - a whole hour before - mine was
about 10 minutes before - locked in the bathroom with a selection of pens!
(and I thought I was uniquely clever in that approach!) But I did have a
slight excuse which probably explains the lack of use of the test - I had a
low urine threshold (I guess I probably still do) which meant that with a
Blood Glucose of 8mmol I scored 2% on the Urine Test (Orange) - so I got fed
up with failing! Apparently every ones threshold is different and varies!

As for the blue box - well things had modernised by the time I was diagnosed
in the early 80's - a black box, with room for two cartridges and a plastic
blue cylinder holding the Glass Syringe+ the largest needle imaginable in
industrial meths but then it was also the advent of 'human' insulin and I
remember the hospital pharmacy often dispensing the pork form or Actrapid
and Monotard accidentally - I thought I was privileged to have 'human'

(DM for 20 years, Lantus/Novorapid 4 weeks and now Hypo half the day!)
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