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Re: [IPk] Talking of meters

 You mean the medics end up with overload. And why should they be interested if
you have huge f;uctuations with hypos, feel crap,
 can't work no QOL: as long as they get their Brownie points for a good A1c.Or
can indulge in their sport of accusing, ridiuling or
 blaming if control is poor or patient is not happy. It's an indictment of the
way diabetes is managed in our country ( Germany:
 flexible intensive therapy ie DAFNE style approach common since 80s right?, and
especially with analogues- more predicatble I
imagine it is easier to make adjustments)
 If the patient doesn't know why they feel crap or doesn't realise their are
alternatives so they can have a life, they won't go
demeanding more expensive insulins/ proper education, pumps etc

> But isn't this the argument being used against intensive BG testing for
> people on twice daily injections, or MDI? You end up with massive
> information overload, and in practice people simply do not do anything
> useful with that information. Better for the clinic to check your HbA1c,
> discuss known hypo problems, and adjust your insulin accordingly?
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