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Re: [IPk] Talking of meters

On Thursday 23 Oct 2003 4:13 pm, you wrote:
> >But being more aware of our levels means we can react to them more
> >easily.
> But do we??? I reckon most people don't do anything intelligent with their
> blood glucose or urine results. They just record it (truthfully if it's in
> range, made up if not...) and show it to their doctor in 6 months time (if
> your lucky).

No, I meant instant reactions. You test, your blood sugar is high, you bolus a 
bit of insulin. I was talking mainly about pump users, but I did the same on 

> I never understood why urine testing was essentially withdrawn from the
> repertoire. Does anyone here still test their urine glucose from time to
> time? If you wake with a normal BG, but glucose in your urine, it confirms
> something is happening overnight that could be improved on. The alternative
> is to set you alarm for 3am every single night, and hope that at that
> moment you just happen to catch your BG doing something naughty. Or just
> check your morning urine glucose.

It makes sense. But if your BG is only doing something naughty for a short 
period of time during the night, it doesn't help much.

> But isn't this the argument being used against intensive BG testing for
> people on twice daily injections, or MDI? You end up with massive
> information overload, and in practice people simply do not do anything
> useful with that information. Better for the clinic to check your HbA1c,
> discuss known hypo problems, and adjust your insulin accordingly?

That doesn't mean it's a valid argument.....

> I remember "filling in" urine glucose record sheets for the last 6 months
> when I was a kid, an hour before a trip to the clinic. I even used a
> selection of different pencils and pens to lend it authenticity :-) I'm
> sure no one else here ever did anything so dishonest...

Of course not.....
even worse than that - my clinic gave you the bit of paper with the results of 
your spot blood test to take back from one department to the other. A quick 
adjustment to the result during the walk down the corridor was quite 

> I also remember in the late 1970s having a strip of blotting paper onto
> which I would squeeze a drop of blood at set points during the day. I'd
> drop it in at the clinic the next day, and from the 8 samples they would
> calculate my BG profile for the day.

yep, I remember that too. I was always amazed at how they ever got anything 
useful out of that dried up blood!

> Anyone still got their blue box (again, late 1970s vintage) in which their
> kit was kept? Glass syringe in spirit, insulin bottles, needles etc?

I think I chucked mine out..... 
Stainless steel syringe holder and all.
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