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Re: [IPk] Re: Highs

>It all makes pretty good sense although I'm intrigued by Prof Amiel's
>statement about anything passing through the duodenum( ? ? due to release of
>gut hormones that increase BG)

I said she said it switched off symptoms - not that it raised the BG.

I read somewhere that babies sometimes cry after sleeping because they are
hypoglycaemic. That's normal babies, not babies with diabetes. And a bit of
breast milk soon fixes it. Intriguing.

>I've a problem  getting my head around the beating up the wife bit though.
>Does anyone here get superhuman strength while hypo and inflict physical

I've never been violent in a hypo - not my style. But I know Matt Kiln (a
quiet London GP with diabetes) says his wife nearly left him after he
became very violent during hypos. Problem was resolved when he switched
from human insulin back to pork insulin. But therein lies another tale...


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