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RE: [IPk] Re: Highs

 Very well put, John (IMHO)! Can I add that, in my pump training, I was advised
to treat hypos with high GI food, in order to switch off the adrenaline etc
reaction, and thus keep better control in the hours following the hypo. To this
end, I keep some jelly babies on my bedside table.

 Julian, Sugarpuffs have a high GI, but dishing it up will cause delays, and the
milk will bring down the GI, and you may have overdosed on the glucose. One of
the reasons I use jelly babies to treat hypos - day or night - is that it has
become second nature, and I no longer need to think about what I should have -
it's automatic, 3 jelly babies. Finished, and I'll be feeling better soon.


IDDM 35 years, pumping 1 year +

From:  John Neale [SMTP:email @ redacted]

I'd never heard of hypo-rebounds until I went on the pump about 6 years
ago. I'm not a doctor, and this is only my limited knowledge of the
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