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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #530

>About the lifescan meter, I will ask my neighbour about the release as she
>works for them so watch this space.  Any ideas anyone,  my basal rates are
> reasonably ok however when I bolus for my breakkie my sugar levels go up to
>the 20 level, maybe I am born not to eat breakfast thats the only thing that
>works, any type of cearal I eat sends my sugars soring any ideas would be
> gratefully received and I will keep you all informed of the new lifescan
>let you know if I can one in advance and what it's like !!

Rachel - I find it best to go right back and find out what has been
happening through the night. If your clinic has a MiniMed CGMS, use one of
those (if they haven't, ask why not...). Correcting any ups and downs in
the night may stop any morning irregularities. If you can't gain access to
a CGMS, you'll have to surrender a night's sleep, and test every half hour
through the night. Disturbing your night's sleep may affect your BGs, but I
don't know any better solution. Sorry. If the overnight profile is
genuinely repeatable (and who can guarantee that?), you *could* set your
alarm clock to go off half and hour later through the night for 2 weeks,
but you may end up with 2 weeks of broken nights, rather than one very bad

I went to a new pump clinic 12 months ago, while I was recuperating from a
brain operation. They tweaked my overnight basals for reasons I didn't
fully understand, but seemed to know what they were doing, and it
completely revolutionised my waking and post-breakfast BGs.

Also be aware that breakfast insulin sensitivity can be different -
unpredictable even. The solution I've adopted is to eat exactly the same
every morning for breakfast (Crunchynut cornflakes, 2 slices marmalade on
toast, 2 sweet espresso coffees.) I'm not telling others to do this, but it
works OK for me.


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