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Re: [IPk] Re: Highs

I think that's probably the easiest and most accurate description of what 
happens in hypo land I've ever read. One tiny clearing-up, though. The 
adrenal response triggers the liver to release the glycogen, whereas in a 
"normal" (what's normal anyway? Normal for me is type 1 diabetes) person, 
glucagon from the pancreas does the triggering ...

Can I steal this, John? *grin*


At 05:49 PM 23/10/2003, you wrote:

>I'd never heard of hypo-rebounds until I went on the pump about 6 years
>ago. I'm not a doctor, and this is only my limited knowledge of the
>situation - but when your BG goes low, it sets off a whole train of
>defensive reactions inside the body. One is to make you feel hungry -
>that's why some people empty the proverbial the fridge. The next reaction
>is for the pancreas to release glucagon - that reverses whatever the
>insulin is doing. Sadly in most people with diabetes, the glucagon
>production packs up within about 2 years of diagnosis (varies from person
>to person). Next step is the realease of adrenalin and other "nervous"
>hormones into the blood. That causes the muscles and liver to release their
>temporary stores of glucose (and also makes you sweat, get angry, beat up
>the wife etc). In the midst of all this the brain loses thinking power -
>but you don't notice it because you have lost thinking power. There are
>further deeper reactions that I am only guessing at. The body increases its
>insulin resistance, so after the hypo you need far more insulin to maintain
>a normal BG. It may take the body a day, possibly longer, to settle back
>down. This is the cause of hypo-rebound. All the defense mechanisms do not
>switch off as soon as the BG rises, but rumble on for a while. And of
>course, you may have eaten too much glucose or food to treat the hypo.
>If anyone thinks I have said anything incorrect or stupid here, please say
>so and I may retract it :-)

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