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Re: [IPk] Re: Highs

> Thanks Ingrid.
>  I agree with that. Last night my partner woke me because she said I
>  was
> sweating. She was asking me questions such as- what day is it? and
> other basic questions I should know the answer too. Apparently I
> answered these incorrectly. I vaugley remember struggling to know
> the answer to some questions. In the end I did my blood and it was
> 2.8 and the time was 3.45am. i corrected it with a bowl of sugar
> puffs. I find it hard to believe that just because I have a hypo I
> end up with serious highs later in the morning. Obviously I need
> educating somewhat. What should I do to stop this? Lower my basal
> between midnight and 4? or something like that?

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