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Re: [IPk] Talking of meters

Hi Lesley,

I was going to buy a Gluowatch, I spoke to my Diabetic doctor last week and
he said it has a 20 minute delay. So if I wanted it to alarm me of highs or
lows then this would be no good.

Thanks Lou
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> Still talking of meters, but not Lifescan...
>  I thought about getting a Glucowatch G2, to fine tune my basals,
especially the
> night ones. Given the mixed reviews on the pumpers website, I wasn't
> hopeful. I had to ring a number for more info, and the stuff they sent was
> photocopy of what not to expect from it! Not even a glossy brochure. My
> does not have a CGMS to loan out, so I asked Disetronic if they had one to
> - no. So I spoke to my DSN about Glucowatch, and she suggested I ask if I
> trial it for a week. The company used to do a month long money back
> but this was being abused so they stopped that. Unfortunately, they
> even let me try it for a week. They want me to spend 250 quid plus the
> costs, on something that might be wonderful or might be completely
> for me, with no come-back.
> Anybody know where I can borrow a CGMS?
> Lesley
> IDDM 35 years, pumping 1 yr +
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